Tylar & Company has been a pioneering creative agency for nine years. Our services extend to clients on a local, national and international demographic, and range from small start ups to fortune 500 companies. Our projects range in size and industry so much that we can’t specify one market or industry. In fact, we love to give our clients industry exclusivity.

The philosophy of our team is simple: we make your MARKeting. We take pride in developing and delivering valiant and innovative solutions through creative, unique and engaging brand experiences. Tylar & Company has the know-how and the dynamite needed to shape and establish brand power in this constantly evolving and highly competitive terrain.

We have had clients ask us if we even have other clients. That is the level of commitment our clients receive from every member of our team. We ask questions, propose solutions, and collaborate with each other and our clients. Our team meets weekly for “teamstorming,” a one hour meeting of the minds to contribute ideas for the successes of our clients and prospects. We do not outsource any of our projects or tasks related to a project. Simply put, we love what we do and have a passion for contributing to the growth of our clients.

We can and absolutely will work within the time frame that you require. We have an outstanding reputation not only with our clients, but with financial standings such as Dun & Bradstreet. We even pay our parking tickets within 72 hours!



You want to work with a team who has the knowledge and capability to deliver unique functionality that intersects with modern and forward thinking design. At Tylar & Company, we have designed, developed and written proprietary scripts that many businesses (whether our client or not) use every single day. We’ve built and custom programmed visual elements and experiences, documentation libraries, membership management scripts, e-commerce, discount programs, email marketing, application approval, registration and ticket purchasing software, just to name a few.

Additionally, our team has 101 years of combined experience in trending and new digital marketing. Our dynamic, core competency is delivering one of a kind experiences for our clients’ respective audiences. Our goal is to create your digital marketing assets for years to come. Your space is current to date, you maintain marketing trends and are still impacting your audience with the wow factor you initially desired when hiring us.