Did you know you can optimize your marketing strategy by counting customers and identifying them by age and gender? Recently, Tylar & Company has been in talks with 3VR, a video intelligence technology company in San Francisco, CA. The idea? Change the way businesses measure their audience and demographics with strategic digital marketing campaigns based on the reporting from surveillance video analytics.

Compare counting report against POS transactions, understand foot traffic conversion, and empower your organization with valuable business intelligence. In store marketing and promotions can be tailored to meet the demand of your customers based on real, accurate information about them. With these details, the possibilities become endless. A/B testing to bring in new customers, personalized marketing for your customers, attracting new audiences and retaining current ones… You will know exactly who walks in, how they entered, where they shop in store, what they buy – all with video analytics.

The future of technology is changing before our eyes (pun intended). We are very excited at the opportunity to increase our clients’ bottom line with this new intelligence.